What Should I Consider When Writing a Will?

What Should I Consider When Writing a Will?

A Will Should be Customized to Meet Your Unique Goals and Needs

Every adult in Texas should have a will. It is a core estate planning document that is about protecting your finances and your family. Without a will, you will lose the right to control what happens to your property and assets. It could set up your loved ones on a path for conflict. Not only is it important to have a will, but you also need to have a well-drafted will that is designed to meet your needs and interests. Here, our Pearland and Lake Jackson estate planning lawyers highlight the four specific things to consider when writing a will in Texas.

A Will Must Meet State Requirements

To be legally valid and enforceable in Texas, a will must satisfy certain basic statutory requirements. Under Texas law, any person who is at least 18 years of age and of sound mind has the right to draft a will. To ensure that it is valid, a will in Texas should at least be:

  • In writing;
  • Signed; and
  • Witnessed by at least two people.

A Will Should Name an Executor

As part of your will, you should name an executor of your estate. In doing so, you are selecting the person who will be responsible for taking your estate through the Texas probate process. Naming the right executor can help you ensure that the last wishes of your will are smoothly and efficiently carried out.

A Will Should Clearly State Your Wishes

In your will, you have the right to leave property and assets to your chosen heirs. In drafting your will, your wishes must be clear. Not only do you want to ensure that your heirs will be able to claim the property in question, but you want to reduce the risk of any disputes in the probate process.

A Will Should Fit Into Your Estate Plan

Finally, it is important to emphasize that a will should fit in as a piece of a more comprehensive estate plan. A will by itself is not a sufficient estate plan. There are other estate planning—including powers of attorney—that you can use to protect your health and safety. In addition, other estate planning strategies can be used for property/financial matters, including trusts and beneficiary designations. Ultimately, your will needs to fit in well as a part of your overall estate planning strategy. You do not want a conflict between your will and other estate planning documents.

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