Who Gets a Copy of My Will After I Pass Away?

Who Gets a Copy of My Will After I Pass Away?

In Texas, All Potential Beneficiaries have a Right to Receive a Copy of a Will

A will is a core estate planning document. Every adult needs to have a sound will in place. When a person passes away in Texas, their will must be submitted to the proper probate court. You may be wondering: Who is going to get a copy of your will? The short answer is that your will goes to the probate court, your executor, and beneficiaries, and anyone else to whom you choose to provide a copy. Here, our Pearland and Lake Jackson wills, trusts, and probate lawyers provide a more in-depth explanation of who will get a copy of your will after you pass away in Texas.

The Executor Will Receive a Copy of the Will

The Texas Estates Code explains that probate is the systematic legal process through which a deceased person’s estate is settled. You should understand that the probate process does not start automatically in Texas. Instead, the probate process begins when someone—generally the executor of your estate—initiates the proceedings by hiring an attorney and filing an application with the court. When opening probate in Texas, the executor is required to submit the original will to the court. Of course, this means that the executor needs to receive access to the original will.

Texas Probate Law: Beneficiaries are Entitled to Receive a Copy of the Will

In Texas, beneficiaries are entitled to receive a copy of the will as part of the probate process. This means anyone who is named in the will as an heir has a right to receive a copy of the will.

You Can Provide a Copy of Your Will to Anyone You Choose

It is important to emphasize that you have the right to provide a copy of your will to any person that you choose. Ultimately, your will is your opportunity to control your estate. You can make provisions to make sure that the friends, family members, and other people you care about most receive a copy of your will.

Probate is a public process in Texas. While the inventory of your estate may not become part of the public record, the probate process itself is not confidential. There are estate planning strategies that you can use to enhance your privacy. For example, setting up a trust can be an efficient and effective way to manage assets, avoid probate, and retain your privacy.

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