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Though the majority of real estate transactions occur outside of a courtroom, on occasion, it becomes necessary to litigate a claim in front of a judge or jury. Many attorneys who practice real estate law are not experienced in the courtroom. However, at The Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC, our Texas real estate attorneys provide concentrated legal services —whether it is in a law office, or in a courthouse.

Selling or purchasing real estate

Whether you are buying a piece of property for the first time or you are purchasing another vacation home, it is wise to have a knowledgeable real estate attorney on your side. Real estate attorneys carefully review contract terms and ensure that all of the proper paperwork has been completed before a real estate transaction is completed. Real estate attorneys identify any potential issues with title that may prevent the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Without the assistance of a real estate attorney, you may be subjected to legal claims in the future.

Our Texas real estate attorneys draft and enforce deeds in transactions that involve both residential and commercial property. We skillfully assist clients in the following transactions:

  • Commercial sales and purchases
  • Residential home sales and purchases
  • Vacation home sales and purchases
  • Land sales and purchases
  • Rental property sales and purchases

With more than a decade of experience, we have handled hundreds of real estate transactions and use our knowledge to protect your best interests in any real estate transaction.

Commercial and residential leases

A lease is a contract, and the failure to follow lease terms may be a breach of contract. If you are a tenant, you have the right to understand what you are signing before you begin paying for residential or commercial space. As a property owner, you need to ensure your lease protects your property thoroughly. Whether you need assistance drafting a lease or enforcing one, our attorneys are experienced in various lease matters, including evictions, and are prepared to offer assistance.


Banks are required to follow specific rules when foreclosing on a property. Our attorneys have handled numerous foreclosure actions for our clients and are well versed in the legal requirements in these cases, for both lenders and borrowers. If you are involved in a foreclosure matter, our attorneys ensure your legal rights are protected.

Real estate litigation

Real estate contracts are mostly negotiated in law offices. However, from time to time, disputes arise and it is necessary to file a lawsuit. For example, title issues may lead to serious complications in future real estate matters if they are not detected in a timely manner. A seller may be informed that he or she does not have full ownership of the property—and therefore cannot sell the property. Such issues often require court intervention. Additionally, landlord tenant disputes, removing liens, and condemnation matters also generally require litigation in the courtroom. Our attorneys are prepared to pursue all avenues of recovery on your behalf.

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