Hire a Lawyer to Prepare my LLC or Do it Myself?

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Prepare My LLC or Should I Just Do it Online Myself?

Hiring an experienced Texas lawyer to prepare your LLC ensures it is done properly and can protect you against tax debt and liability issues.

You can find instructions to perform any task online, but videos and websites often fail to provide the full picture. Moreover, often times an experienced business lawyer can provide far more direction and advice on other legal matters related to your business. If you have ever had to call in a professional to correct mistakes after attempting a DIY project, you know it can end up costing you time and money in the long run.

When it comes to legally establishing your business, this is not the time to take chances. Rather than risking lengthy delays, liability, and potential tax debts, reach out to our Pearland, TX or Lake Jackson, TX corporate and LLC transactions attorneys. We protect your interests and make sure your LLC is prepared properly.

The Perils of Preparing an LLC Online

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) has the characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership, with business owners in an LLC referred to as members. Members may consist of individuals, partners, corporations, or other legal entities. You can structure an LLC in a variety of ways, giving each individual member as much or as little involvement in day-to-day operations as you want. As the name implies, one of the biggest advantages is that liability is generally limited by the member's investment. An LLC also provides important tax benefits.

Forms for preparing an LLC are available online and there is an online portal for submissions, but our business lawyers strongly encourage seeking legal guidance. Often times business lawyers are more expensive to correct the problem versus hiring them from the outset.

Perils you face in filing an LLC on your own include:

  • Choosing an LLC when another business structure may better suit your needs.
  • Not being clear on your rights and responsibilities.
  • Not structuring your LLC properly, which could have major tax consequences.
  • Not putting the appropriate practices in place to protect your limited liability shield.

How a Business Lawyer Can Help in Preparing Your LLC

Protecting potential tax benefits and your limited liability status is a top priority in establishing an LLC. To ensure you are following both state and federal laws, get an experienced Texas business formation lawyer on your side. Ways in which we can help in creating an LLC:

  • Advising you on legal requirements under the Texas Business Organizations Code;
  • Making sure you are in compliance with Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations;
  • Drafting an LLC operating agreement and certificate of formation;
  • Registering your business name;
  • Acting as your LLC’s registered agent, handling any current or future legal issues and allowing you to focus on your business.

Request a Consultation With Our Pearland, Texas and Lake Jackson, Texas Business and LLC Transactions Attorneys

Failing to hire an experienced business lawyer can result in lengthy delays in registering your LLC. It could also result in the loss of tax benefits and liability protection. To protect yourself and your business, reach out to the Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC for help. Give us a call or contact our Pearland LLC attorneys or Lake Jackson LLC attorneys and request a consultation today.