Hire a Lawyer to Prepare My Will or Download One Online

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Prepare My Will or Just Download One from the Internet?

All adults should have a will. It is the basis of a comprehensive estate plan and it assures your estate will pass in accordance with your wishes. However, AARP finds that 60% of people nationwide lack a will. If you are getting started with the estate planning process, writing a will is an important step. You may be wondering: Should my will be prepared by a lawyer? The general answer is ‘yes’—a will is a complex legal document, and relying on a template from the internet is risky. There are standards in the Texas Estates Code regarding certain content and procedures for executing the Will. Here, our Pearland and Lake Jackson estate planning lawyer highlights four reasons why you should hire a professional to draft your will instead of just downloading one from the internet.

1. A Lawyer Will Draft a Clear, Legally Valid Document

There is no shortage of templates that you can download from the internet to write a will. Unfortunately, often times, your family will find out if your Will was done correctly when you die and it is presented to a probate judge. If it was not done correctly, the error can be require the court deny your Will to probate or the process could be more costly and time consuming. 

Beware, just because something is labeled as a “will” does not mean that it will be accepted as a legally valid document in Texas. The probate process is more complicated than that. There are certain legal standards that must be satisfied before a will can be deemed valid in Texas. Another key issue is that any unclear or ambiguous will may be accepted as valid, but not interpreted in the way that you intended. A Texas estate planning lawyer will create a clear, unambiguous, and legally binding will.

2. A Lawyer Ensures that Your Will is Comprehensive

To be most effective, a will must be truly comprehensive. It should address the full scope of your estate planning needs. A skilled attorney will ensure that all of your estate planning documents are prepared in the right way—addressing all of the matters that you need them to address.

3. A Lawyer Can Understand Your Unique Needs and Goals

The central problem with template wills that you can download from the internet is that they are not structured to meet your needs. Everyone’s estate planning situation is different. A customized will is always more effective than a formulaic, template will. A Texas estate planning lawyer can put in the time, resources, and attention to detail to ensure that you have the right will for your needs.

4. A Lawyer Protects Your Financial Interests

A will should protect the financial interests of you and your heirs. The last thing you want is to endure avoidable costs because of a drafting error or because your will is otherwise flawed. Estate planning is about ensuring that your finances are structured properly.

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