Who Gets a Copy of My Will and Why?

Who Gets a Copy of My Will and Why?

In addition to heirs and beneficiaries, independent executors should get a copy of your will. 

Creating a will is one of the most basic but important of estate planning tasks. It can convey your final wishes regarding funeral arrangements, provide the names of beneficiaries, and detail how you want property to be divided among them. The following details who should be provided with a copy of your will and why they are likely to need it. 

People and Organizations That Will Need to be Provided Copies of Your Will

Having a legally valid and updated will helps to protect both you and your loved ones, making sure your property and assets are distributed according to your wishes upon your death. Those who you may consider receiving a copy of your will include:

  • The person you have selected to act as your executor or estate administrator: This is the person who is responsible for filing your will with the Brazoria County probate court. They require a copy as they will need to take certain actions to close your estate. Make sure the person you select has the time, skills, and knowledge needed to perform this important and often complex task.
  • Your beneficiaries: These are individuals or groups named in your will, who you selected to inherit from your estate. This may include family members, friends, or non-profit organizations. Providing them with a copy of your will helps to ensure they get their share of any property or assets.
  • Your accountant, financial advisors, and trustees: Accountants, advisors, and trustees should be given a copy of your will so that they can update any information needed, address any outstanding issues, and determine how actions taken in probate impact estate assets. If requested, these professionals can be designated as the professional you prefer your executor confer with in the administration of your estate.

Should I download my Will from online or hire an attorney?

This is one of the most common questions our Will and probate attorneys are asked. Or the even more common question, “Will it work if I just download one from online?” In this case, we tell clients the most honest answer we can give them, “It might work. It might not work.” Our Will and probate attorneys have seen clients download Wills from online and there is no issue or minimal issues. In other cases, we have a seen defects that have made the probate far more expensive as the Will does not comport with Texas law (oftentimes costing more than had the client just originally hired our firm) or we have seen a complete failure of the Will (which can mean the Will is not admitted to probate). The most concerning thing for clients is they often do not know if the Will was done correctly until they seek to file a probate.

While our Will and probate attorneys take pride in ensuring Wills are properly formed, it is also very common during the Will consultation for our Will attorneys to provide general legal advice regarding the client’s assets, distribution to beneficiaries (including minors) and the individuals to be named as executor. This service, generally, is not provided by online legal services. Call our office and find out why having a Will and probate attorney is better. If it was not better, our firm would sell our services online instead of meeting with clients and learning about their request for their final wishes upon their death and ensuring those wishes are memorialized in an enforceable Will.

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