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At Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC, our Lake Jackson business law attorneys protect your rights in disputes involving non-compete agreements.

Non-compete clauses are used by businesses to keep you from working with competitors to prevent proprietary information, ideas, and innovations from getting into the hands of their competitors. Unfortunately, it can restrict your ability to obtain a better position or move in other directions in your career. At Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC, our Brazoria County business law attorneys in Lake Jackson provide the trusted legal guidance and professional representation to businesses wishing to have employees sign non-competes and employees dealing with non-competes. We enforce non-competes on behalf of employers and dispute the validity of unenforceable agreements on behalf of employees through the Texas courts, protecting you against penalties you could face.

The Legality of Non-Compete Agreements in Texas

Non-compete clauses are often included in employee contracts and in cases where you are severing a relationship with an employer. They form the basis of a legally binding agreement and limit your rights in working for competitors or in starting new, similar business in the same career field.

The Texas Business and Commerce Code generally disfavors employer actions and company policies that restrict trade or infringe on employee rights and their mobility in the workforce. However, there are exceptions under these laws which make non-compete clauses valid and enforceable. Ways in which non-compete agreements are legally used include:

  • To keep you from contacting former clients or customers;
  • To prevent disclosure of company practices;
  • To protect proprietary ideas and formulas;
  • To protect product pricing and manufacturing techniques.

While the terms may seem reasonable at the time you sign a non-compete agreement, they can prove restrictive in actual practice. At Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC, our Brazoria County breach of contract attorneys in Lake Jackson can advise employers and protect employees in the formation of non-compete clauses. 

Overly Restrictive Non-Compete Agreements

The enforceability of business contracts containing non-compete clauses varies state to state. Texas courts have ruled that these agreements are legally valid, provided they meet certain standards of reasonableness. When they are overly restrictive or in other ways infringe on your individual rights, you may be able to have the agreement declared invalid. This frees you from any penalties you could potentially face.

As experienced Brazoria County business law attorneys, you can trust our legal knowledge and expertise to fight for your rights in these matters. Areas we look at in disputing non-compete agreements include:

  • The circumstances under which it was signed;
  • The period of time it is in effect;
  • The scope of the restrictions;
  • The geographic area.

Get Our Brazoria County, Texas Business Law Attorneys on Your Side

Non-compete clauses can restrict your ability to make a living and advance in your career for years into the future. To avoid losses and potential penalties you could face for violating a non-compete clause, get Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC on your side. Call or contact our Brazoria County business formation attorneys in Lake Jackson online and schedule a confidential consultation today.